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Healthy Mouth Sounds – Airway!

4.27.17 in General

Healthy Mouth Sounds- Airway!


Let’s start at the very beginning. A-B-C’s! For those of you who have certified in any level of CPR, you know that you start assessing a fallen victim with A-B-C. (at least up until the last revision of CPR). FIRST- you check airway, then breathing, then circulation. Does it really matter in which order this is performed? Of course it does.

If the airway is not open, other rescue modalities may fail purely because the airway is not open.


Health care is continuing to learn how important our airway health is. It seems to be the “buzz word” of this year, and deservedly so. As we learn and study more about unhealthy airways, it becomes very evident of the beneficial impact we can have on overall health and life quality by putting energy into creating airway health. Over the next 9 blog postings we will co-discover just how significant airway health is and can be. The importance of a healthy airway can not be underestimated.


When God scooped up the dust to create a human being, the very next thing He did was to “breathe life into it.” He did not first start the heart beating, nor turn the brain on. Air, and our use of it as a source of life, is primary.


So stay tuned in, and keep smiling. Dr. W.

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