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Healthy Mouth Sounds Comprehensive Treatment Planning

2.20.18 in General

Healthy Mouth Sounds- The Advantage of Comprehensive Treatment Planning



As I mentioned in my last blog, it is tempting to see a problem and jump into fix-it mode. If we don’t ask why the problem happened, we are doomed to repeat it. So, how do we identify a problem and it’s cause?


The answer is… by knowing what is normal. Nobody goes to school for anything and begins by learning all the problems, and a list of solutions. The way we learn is, first learning what “normal” (healthy) looks, feels, and sounds like. Once we intimately know a healthy picture, anything that doesn’t look like that, isn’t healthy.


Now this approach is only important if optimal health is our end goal. At Family Dental Care, your optimal health is my end goal. If it is not- I should not be practicing dentistry, and you should not seek out my services. But your optimal health is my goal.


Determining that the structures and functions of your head, neck, jaws, and mouth are healthy begins with a thorough examination. Guess what I am looking for during that examination.  NORMAL! Anything that doesn’t look or feel or sound like normal, isn’t optimal health. Once we discover, less than optimal health- we ask WHY?


It is only from that approach that I can develop a plan for you that will arrive at health.


Sure, we can “short-cut” that, and jump ahead to how do I fix that, but you can see that I have then created a scenario that may not answer “why did this happen in the first place.” And I will be doomed to repeat the problem. Remember- THE LONGEST DISTANCE BETWEEN TWO POINTS IS A SHORT-CUT.


By identifying and answering all the questions first, I save you time, money and health.


How do I know all of this? Research! A colleague of mine says he calls all of the trials and errors he has made- research! He is right. I know from bad outcomes, what not to do. It is always an advantage to be comprehensive in our approach to health.


Stay tuned in, and keep smiling. Dr. W.

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