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Healthy Mouth Sounds Getting it Right the First Time

2.6.18 in General

Healthy Mouth Sounds- Getting It Right the First Time



Nickels and dimes! You know the routine. You are trying to repair something, you look at the problem and know that you should restore it correctly if you want it to work, but… then you think, you know if I cut this corner and “jury rig” it, I can save time and money. So, you proceed in patching it together, save some money, and in a short time it breaks again. Now you either go back and repair the right way, or worse, you may need to buy a whole new thing (whatever it was that broke).


Q. What is the longest distance between two points?

A. a short-cut!


We have all done the above in one form or another. It’s bad enough when we are talking about repairing a piece of equipment, but it’s really bad when we are talking about repairing human tissue, and we take a shortcut.


I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “I’ve had this filling done 2 times, and it keeps falling out.” The first question I have at this point should not be how? Or what?

The appropriate question better be Why? If I just launch into fixing mode, and don’t ask- why, shame on me! Maybe the material is wrong for the situation. Or maybe ones bite is causing the problem. If I don’t identify and address the cause, I will not be successful at creating a solution that works.


The fact is I have been privilege to witness literally thousands of years of problems, when I combine all of my patient experiences. When I apply this experience, and be disciplined enough to be thorough, I rarely see failures.


At Family Dental Care, we pride ourselves on considering all the options for assuring health in your mouth, and can confidently recommend a path to health that we know won’t come back “to bite you’!


I’ll share how we do this in my next blog.

So, stay tuned in, and keep smiling. Dr W.

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