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Healthy Mouth Sounds- High Technology in Today’s Dentistry

3.28.18 in General

Healthy Mouth Sounds- High Technology in Today’s Dentistry


I often hear from patients, “how dentistry has changed.” Well, yes…and no.

Not only have many principles remained unchanged but even some techniques and procedures are better done “the old way” than skipping that approach.


That being said, there is no question that we do have access to higher technology to accomplish some things. In this digital world, probably the most obvious change in dentistry has been imaging. Radiographs are now digital, quick, clearer, and even 3-D. Photographs are clearer and easier to take. Once cumbersome and unaffordable pieces of equipment are now main stream in many offices, and user friendliness has taken a front seat, so that most clinicians are capable of generating high quality information.


All of the above is a good thing, especially when used appropriately with good sound treatment planning and tried and true techniques.


Over the next 6-8 weeks we will explore areas of technologies that are now common in the practice of dentistry.


So stay tuned in, and keep smiling. Dr. W.

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