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Oral Probiotics

7.11.17 in General

Healthy Mouth Sounds- Oral Probiotics


There are 3 determinants of the severity of infection. 1. The quantity of infective agents (eg. How many bacteria);  2. The virulence of the infective agents (how “nasty” are the bacteria); 3. Host resistance.


For example, as we evaluate the periodontal tissues of the mouth we assess the presence or absence of inflammation, in the presence of bacteria, and determine a plan that will eliminate this very common infection. Gingivitis and periodontitis is a very common finding in many mouths, and based on the above understanding of infection, treatment often starts with reducing the quantity of bacteria causing the infection. This can be done mechanically by cleaning the infected surfaces, or by adding antibiotics in various forms to the treatment. A bacterial pathogen is the wrong bacteria in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even though we can diminish the quantity of wrong bacteria in our periodontal tissues, we then leave a void- to be filled in with whatever infective agents are present. For this reason pro-biotic therapy is now recognized to be of value.


We have previously known and used probiotics to replace gut bacteria, for instance, following antibiotic therapy that may wipe out the normal gut flora. Well, much like that concept, yet specific for the oral environment, we can utilize replacement of oral bacteria to assure healthy tissues.


EvoraPro- a probiotic for oral care is the first probiotic for oral care. Backed by 30 years of clinical research, EvoraPro tablets are a combination of 3 strains of beneficial bacteria for the oral cavity.


Probiotic bacteria are the right bacteria in the right place at the right time.


So, by decreasing the quantity of bacterial pathogens , followed by replacement of beneficial bacteria with EvoraPro, we can greatly improve the health of the oral environment. We also see other beneficial effects, namely, fresher breath, and whiter teeth.


One tablet is dissolved on the tongue after brushing daily, and you will be on the way to fresher breath, whiter teeth, and healthy gums. Call us at Family Dental Care, 610-863-8988, to start your oral probiotics.


Stay tuned in and keep smiling. Dr.W

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