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Sleep Disorder Breathing

2.7.17 in General

Sleep Disordered Breathing

This topic of overall wellness is so important, that it connects to every other facet of human wellness. When you continue to dissect down through health problems, by always asking,”why”?, we often end up with a one word answer…AIRWAY.

The teaching of CPR to the lay public, up until the last revision, has always begun with the acronym- ABC. Airway, Breathing, Circulation. But first, and above all…AIRWAY.

Sleep is our bodies rest and repair activity and period of time. Proper sleep is necessary for resetting many of our body’s function, from that days work, and interruption of proper sleep leaves us “un-repaired”, and chronically a set up for illnesses.

Now there are a multitude of factors that can interrupt our sleep, but let us assume that we are actually trying to be asleep and rest, yet when we awaken, we are not refreshed. Please ask yourself this question. Could this be an airway problem? Let me quote Dr. Michael Gelb, using his list of sleep-disordered breathing symptoms:

Headaches, snoring, difficulty sleeping, neck, jaw or ear pain, sugar cravings, obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, difficulty focusing mentally, excessive daytime sleepiness, low energy, wake up feeling unrefreshed.

Are any of these familiar? And this list is in no way complete. The take home message needs to be that when we or someone experiences these symptoms, we should ask- Could this be an airway problem?

It will not always be an airway problem, but airway is too fundamental to overlook.

Disorders like sleep apnea, upper airway resistance syndrome, night terrors in children, increases in allergy, and ADHD, must be explained. The place to start is by asking Could this be an airway problem?

If you or someone you know exhibit any of these signs that may be related to sleep disordered breathing, please see or have them see a physician or dentist about this. Millions of hours of suffering might be avoided.

So stay tuned in and keep smiling. Dr. W.

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