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The Healthy Jaw Joint

1.5.16 in General

The human jaw is a unique and remarkable functioning system. One bone in the lower face, traversing the front of the head, yet attaching and interacting with 2 separate boney eminences, one on each side of the face. Therefore, 2 separate joints exist, at the end of this one horseshoe –shaped bone. These joints are located just in front of each ear canal. The lower jaw bone is known as the mandible, and this articulates with (or touches against), the non-moving upper part of the skull.

Function of the joint is meant to be smooth, silent and pain-free. The ends of the bones of this joint are lined with smooth, slippery, self-nourishing material, and it is the job of muscles to move the bone, thereby allowing opening and closing of our mouth.

So, a well-aligned bone-slippery surface-cushioning disk-slippery surface-bone, arrangement equals a healthy joint.

Obviously many factors can alter this healthy set up. Trauma to joints, muscles overworking, teeth getting in the way, just to mention a few.
That will be the topic for my next blogs. Stay tuned in, and keep smiling.

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