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1.10.17 in General

Healthy Mouth Sounds – Wellness


Wellness! Great “buzz” word in 2017, isn’t it? What comes to your mind when you here the word – wellness? Is it the idea of some sort of alternative medicine, or “holistic” (whatever that may mean)? Do the words “hocus-pocus” come to mind? We hear about wellness all the time now. We even have “Centers” for it! Is this just another way to “repackage” what we already knew, in a new way?


The wellness craze that is sweeping the world right now can be explained very simply.


We did not always know what we now know. Isn’t that as it should be? We, that is, those who provide health care, are recognizing connections between disease states and the rest of life.


The more we learn about unhealthy states, the more dots connect to show us a whole picture. It is becoming very apparent in our every day practice of dentistry, that there are definite connections between the oral health we document in our examinations, and overall systemic health. When we recognize these “red flags” or hints about overall health, shouldn’t we point them out and help our patients solve these problems, before they are disease? Of course.


So while it may sound cliché to say we treat “whole people” not just mouths, we can not deny the connections we are seeing. And wouldn’t it be wonderful to appreciate early warning signs and trends for a person, and figure out a way to prevent the soon coming disease, rather than treat the damage?


The story goes of a heart surgeon who became so discouraged about continuing heart disease prevalence, in spite of his attempts to treat it, that he quit!


He stopped doing surgery, and went after the real causes, in this case, diet and exercise, and lifestyle. This surgeon subsequently wrote a book titled:

“Forks For Knives”. Now that is wellness.


We at Family Dental Care want to make the difference where it counts. We promise to do our best at screening for the chronic diseases that plague our patients, and together develop plans to prevent them.


So, stay tuned in, and keep smiling. Dr. W.


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