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Blood Pressure Screening

It is important to us at Family Dental Care to pay attention to your overall health. We have designed your periodic examination and teeth cleaning visits to include a check of your Blood Pressure. We believe that we are a perfect Blood Pressure screening location for you, and will offer a strong suggestion for you to seek further medical care if we discover any abnormalities.

Intraoral and Head / Neck Cancer Screening

At each of your periodic examinations, our Dental Hygienists, will examine your soft oral tissue for any abnormalities. We will take intraoral photos of anything that looks out of the ordinary, and will always recheck these areas to note any persistent changes. We do not hesitate to refer you to the Oral Surgeon for further studies and an examination, if we feel it is necessary. Each of our Hygienists have been trained to perform an examination of the lymph nodes around your head and neck. Your thyroid gland is included in this examination. They will perform a gentle palpation of these areas and advise Dr. Williams if there are any abnormal findings.

Contacting Medical Doctors / Dental Specialists On Your Behalf

Because we want to make your dental visits as streamline and comfortable as possible, we will gladly schedule all appointments you may need at another dental office such as the Oral Surgeon, Root Canal Specialist, Gum Disease Specialist, etc..

Both Dr. Williams and our office Coordinator, Heather Hunter, have strong medical backgrounds. Dr. Williams had a career as a Physician Assistant, and worked with an Open Heart Surgeon in Kingsport, Tennessee. Heather Hunter is a Registered Nurse with a background in Medical/Surgical Hospital Nursing and Women’s Health Care. They are both comfortable speaking with your medical doctors as needed, and understand all aspects of your general health, including your medications.

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