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Our iTero Scanner allows the doctor to take 3-D Digital Scans of your teeth, and also shows how your teeth mesh together. The scanner transmits your information wirelessly for processing at the laboratory. The 3-D Digital Scan is extremely accurate helping the laboratory technician create the best quality crown or aligner for you. Having the iTero Scanner at our fingertips greatly limits the use of “traditional impressions” as a part of your dental treatment.

Solution Reach

Solution Reach is an Automated Reminder System using text, e-mail, and/or landline phone call messaging to keep you in the loop regarding your upcoming appointments in our office. It also reaches out to you when “life happens”, and you forget to reschedule an appointment you had here from the past, keeping us connected.

Intraoral Camera

An Intraoral Camera takes pictures of your teeth that can immediately be enlarged on the TV Monitor in each patient room. These pictures show you clearly any chips or cracks in teeth, broken or leaky fillings, tartar buildup on teeth, and gum changes. These pictures can be printed to go home with you, or be sent to your insurance as needed.

Digital Photography

It is important when planning your comprehensive oral care that Dr. Williams has a collection of crisp, clean photographs. Our state of the art Digital Camera makes this process flow smoothly during all comprehensive examinations, or whenever it is important to capture a photograph of some finding in your mouth.

Computer Record-Keeping

Each patient room, our consultation room, and the front desk area are equipped with Computers. All appointment scheduling, insurance claim filing, and payments happen via the computers in our office. Much of your clinical recordkeeping is now kept in our computers, and will continue to increase as we work towards a paperless system. All of our computers are HIPPA protected.

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